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SINOTRUK Sales Increase both in domestic and internaitonal market

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Nearly half the year past in 2015, Sales of Sinotruk products with MAN technology were increasing dramatically in the first quarter, and sales of T7H increased by 134.86% over last year, consolidating Sinotruk positions in China medium and high end truck markets, and sales of T5G trucks increased by 381.75% and sales of J5G increased by 10 folds.

And fast sales growth of Sinotruk trucks indicated that the sales department's strategy of focusing and fast growth of production volumes are right and Sinotruk trucks with MAN technology won trust and support of the end users.

The sales department prepared well for the market in the beginning this year, and they have organized the marketing partners, and the sales channels, safeguards of the end users, corporate media communication, information construction and after-sales services etc. In addition, they made every efforts on brand promotion, brand impression etc aspects. And all their efforts are getting great results.

And they made improvement on services. And their aim is to satisfy the end users and they have divided their jobs into knowledge, active spirits, elaboration and differentiation to improve the service networks and their mentality of active service and differentiated service.

The second quarter is the key periods for sales growth according to their sales plan, and the Sinotruk sales department will continue making efforts on HOWO and Haohan brands to expand their market shares and trying to finish their sales targets of 80,000 units this year.

For trucks exported, the main product is still the HOWO series, the market share in Africa, South east Asia, Middle East Area is with the good momentum

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