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  • Products Name: SINOTRUK HOWO refrigerator truck
  • Load:
  • Dimensions(MM): 5995×2180×2930
  • Compartment size(MM):
  • Kerb weight(KG):
  • Power(KW) / Horsepower(HP):
  • Volume:
  • Other:
  • Truck Type: Van Truck
  • Drive Model: 4x2
  • Horse Power(hp): 100-150
  • Payload:(t): 3-5

HOWO refrigerator truck

tem Unit Parameter
Product name Refrigerator Truck
Chassis model ZZ1047D3415D145
Overall dimensions mm 6120,5995×2180×2930
Gross weight kg 4495
Curb weight 2810
Payload capacity 1490
Axle load 1790/2705
Box Van dimensions mm 4110×1930×1755
Wheelbase 3360
Front/Rear track base 1825/1540,1595
Front/Rear overhang 1160/1600,1160/1475
Approach/Departure angle ° 20/23
Exhaust/Power ml/hp 3298/102
Max speed km/h 90
Engine model YN33CRD2 Electric system 24V
Traction system 4×2 Number of axles 2
Tire specifications 7.50-16LT 6PR,7.50R16LT 6PR,8.25-16LT 6PR,8.25R16LT 6PR,7.00R16LT 8PR Number of tires 6
Operation control  system Electrically hydraulic control Allowable passengers in cab 3
Equipment and function Equipment: chassis, the heat preservation box body,standard material is glass fiber reinforced plastic, 8mm polyurethane insulation layer, Standard back open door and refrigeration unit;
Optional: polyurethane material, color steel plate, stainless steel, etc, 5mm insulation layer, side open door;
Function: transport frozen foods (ice truck), dairy (milk truck) fruits and vegetables (fresh transporter) vaccine and drug transporter (vaccine truck), etc
Engine diesel engine
Production cycle 7-10 days
warranty 12 month,from the date of supply
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